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“They have nothing but love for their patients here! Good strains and great prices!”

Sean John

New York City, NY

Cet endroit est génial! Je ne distribue pas 5 étoiles très souvent, mais cet endroit est le meilleur dispensaire de mauvaises herbes de haute qualité à vendre! Le personnel a toujours été agréable et utile. Il y a des comestibles, d'autres choses aussi bien que des plantes vivantes. Le menu change, mais les informations sur chaque souche sont clairement indiquées ainsi que les notes reprises lors de l'utilisation, ce qui est agréable aussi, car rien n'est pire que d'avoir quelque chose qui aiment le savon à vaisselle. Je recommande cet endroit à tous mes amis! Suivez le vaste menu de marijuana et le bon travail!

Francoise David-Louise

Paris, France

I like the way things are labeled with a great information area on the strains on hand. They have a wide variety of BHO extracted products and that really gained points in my book. Got some pretty good Skywalker OG from there too :).

Sheila Palmer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you so much. I must say that I was very impressed with your professionalism, and I loved the doctor. I am really looking forward to buy buds online and trying cannabis to treat my fibromyalgia pain and will keep you posted, considering I don’t know how to buy weed online yet. I am so thankful that my state has passed these laws to allow access to it. It’s about time the country legalizes it already.


Salem, MA

Thank you for all the great work that you do. It’s amazing to me that medical marijuana still has a negative stigma when there is so much research pointing to its effectiveness. I guess it’s no surprise that the government and pharmaceutical companies want to hide such a great medicine. Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug meaning that it has no medicinal value, but the government holds a patent for its effectiveness treating neurological conditions and brain trauma… Get educated people and stand up for your rights. However you can buy edibles online, and mail order weed if you’re on ganjaa land's website.

Zane Culture

San Jose, CA

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